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We offer clean, comfortable and affordable accommodation in our purpose-built 2 and 3 bedroom cottages. All units are fully self-contained with laundry facilities.

Bulwer was mapped out as a township in England in 1859 and the McCauley family have lived and loved here since the 1880s so there is a feeling of timelessness and peace. The road in is a bit rough (only 85 kms from Rai Valley but takes 2 hours). However the scenery is majestic and well worth the bumpy ride!!

Bulwer is in the Outer Pelorus Sound and close to bountiful fishing grounds. There is a dinghy for guest use and 2 moorings available. Also there are 2 boating club moorings in close proximity. Phil has lived in the Sounds for almost his whole life (an old seadog from way back) and I (Sandra) since we were married in 1970 so we are pretty much at one with the land and the sea. Fossils in the making!!

Bulwer is framed by the Bulwer Scenic Reserve and the sea .It is a beautiful bay and we love sharing it, always hoping that our guests will relax and to go home recharged and rested. One of our special guests told me it’s her reservoir. She fills up on it and it replenishes her for the whole year. If you want to get away from the madding crowd ,walk, fish or just take time out Bulwer is your place to go.

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