Travel Tips & FAQ

Check out the travel tips and the answers to the frequently asked questions about Pelorus to help you plan your visit.


The weather in the Sounds is generally mild, but conditions can change quickly, especially on the water. Ensure that you have adequate equipment and experience, and, if you are going out on the water, check the marine weather forecast.

Fire Season

The Sounds has a restricted fire season all year round and any fire must have a permit.

Drinking Water

Boil, filter, or treat water for drinking. On some tracks you must carry water.

Wasp Stings

In late summer and autumn, carry antihistamine if allergic to wasp stings.

Using a Drone

All drone use must be authorised by DOC. A concession is required to fly a drone on any public conservation land.

Info: Department of Conservation


Popular Questions

Travel Information
How far is Pelorus?

It takes a 30 minutes drive from Blenheim to Havelock, the gate to the Pelorus.

How do I get to Pelorus?

You can get here by air, sea or road. Please, visit our Getting Here page to find more.

Does the ferry from Wellington allow cars?

Yes, you can cross by ferry with your car, van, bike, boat, motor-home, etcetera.

What is the best time to visit Pelorus?

There is no bad time to visit the Pelorus Region. Find more info about in our Best Time To Visit page.

Is Pelorus boat access only?

No, depending on where in Pelorus are you going, you can get by road, air or sea. You'll find available transport services according to your needs.

Activities & Attractions
Is Pelorus a destination for all the family?

Pelorus offers superb range of water activities, good fishing, beautiful bush tracks, spectacular views and abundant wildlife. There’s oodles of family-friendly places to stay, eat and have fun in Pelorus.

Where is Pelorus located?

Right at the top of the South Island, Pelorus is part of the Marlborough Sounds, in the Marlborough region of New Zealand.