Best time to visit

Discover Pelorus all year round.

There is no bad time to visit the Pelorus Region that has a extensive coastline, this makes it a perfect destination to discover nature up close and relax in a different way every season.

Spring: September – November

Summer: December – February 

Autumn: March – May 

Winter: June – August 


From September to November weather can range from cold and frosty to warm and hot. The native forest comes alive again and the the waters begin to warm.

December to February is time for sunshine and warm temperatures. Days are long and sunny and nights are mild. Perfect season for walking in the bush and other outdoor activities, ideal for swimming, boating and kayaking.



Autumn in Pelorus has its own charm. From March to May he colorful landscape changes, leaving an autumn scenic delight. Temperatures are a little cooler than summer, the weather can be perfect for those who enjoy a fresh evening.

June to August, sit next to the fire having a glass of Marlborough wine, take some time for yourself and regenerate the soul. Enjoy beautiful vistas with some snow-covered hills.