If you’d like a day trip – we can carry your vehicle to d’Urville Island where you can drive around and see the sights, including the scenic reserve yourself. Or if you’re a keen mountain biker, get a group together and come ride the d’Urville Island’s tracks and experiencing the stunning scenery here on the island. Walk on walk off. Taking your vehicle on the barge will allow you to drive to the DOC Camping Ground at Greville Harbour (on a 4×4 vehicle track) or to stay at the d’Urville Island Community Hall (for bookings contact Sue Savage 03 5765 170). Service providers can also travel direct to farms or families on the Island, as required. We can take mountain bikes, 4×4 bikes, trucks, trailers, small tractors and small diggers. The barge is also surveyed to carry up to 25 passengers.